Marketing Director AUGA Group

Marketing Director of AUGA group, experienced marketing, trade, communication and business development professional with main focus on FMCG during his international career. He is one of the main architects of AUGA brand, who participated in the creation and development of the brand from the very beginning, managed the brand launch and the introduction of AUGA product range to the market as well as contributed to the transformation of the company.

AUGA has received multiple awards for innovations and packaging design, achieved high brand awareness and consumer loyalty during the first 2 years on the market.

AUGA group, AB, based in Lithuania, is one of the largest vertically-integrated organic food companies in Europe. The group of companies manages approx. 38,000 ha of organically certified arable land and develops sustainable farming model, based on new technologies, specializing in crops, dairy cows, poultry and mushroom growing. The group employs over 1,200 people.

Using proprietary and contracted manufacturing, the company produces a wide range of organic food products: fresh and preserved vegetables, mushrooms and pulses, ready to eat soups, poultry, eggs, rapeseed oil, bottled milk. Organic commodities supplied to the market are mainly grain and milk. AUGA group is export orientated, with approx. 80% of sales going abroad.

The company operates with strong focus on sustainability. It applies min-till farming methods, re-uses organic waste to achieve synergies among different branches of agriculture, has developed mobile autonomous chicken coops, powered by renewable energy. AUGA group’s future goal is to become CO2 neutral company, through, amongst other methods, eliminating the use of fossil fuel by replacing it with own produced biogas.

AUGA group is committed to the development of sustainable agriculture and does more than required by EU organic regulations.